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About us

It is an internet based TV platform offering live streaming TV channels, local radio stations and over 150 TV channels using our own developed smart TV player, without requiring a TV converter box. And the best part it’s totally FREE, without any restrictions or subscription fees. Our bouquet of channels include a wide range of genres including news, movies, kids, cricket, rugby, basketball, extreme fighting, documentary, gaming, religion, spirituality, music and much more. 

Our service offers an alternative to high subscription paying viewers and for those who cannot afford them or are displeased with what pay TV has to offer. The technology behind the TV2GO platform was designed with the idea of providing the user the utmost personalized viewing experience topped with an advanced user interface that is adaptable to all mobile iOS and Android smartphones, PCs, laptops, tablets and TVs. The platform interface is a first of its kind with its amazingly designed interface, seamless and smooth functionality and video quality of the highest standards. 

To maintain our users’ privacy, we don't ask for any login information and will never collect or store any of their personal data. Our credo is to make this Free TV service available to a broad based community and specifically to the entire population in South Africa. To that end, our goal is keep TV2GO as a free and unrestricted service all South Africans without disrupting the user friendly experience and the quality content that TV2GO has to offer. In order to maintain this, we are compelled to defray the cost of our content and infrastructure through the support of our advertisers. We promise to minimize the viewer disruption experience by showing minimum ads as possible, and for that we appreciate your understanding.

Help us improve

We value all your suggestions, so please go ahead and share anything relating to content, interface functionality and features, etc. so that we can make TV2GO the most personalized riveting Free TV service. We promise to take your suggestions in earnest and will do our best to implement them.  

Enjoy TV2GO Free TV and make sure to spread the word.